photo of Sidney Eskenazi

Sidney D. Eskenazi, J.D.

Founder and CEO

photo of David Eskenazi

David N. Eskenazi, J.D.

President – Indianapolis

photo of Jay Stein

Jay D. Stein, J.D.

President – Scottsdale

photo of Brian Ziff

Brian Ziff, J.D.

General Counsel and
Chief Operating Officer

photo of Carrie Leibering

Carrie Leibering, J.D.

General Counsel Indiana and Director of Indianapolis Operations

photo of Meghan Collins

Meghan Collins-Foxworthy

Director of Lease Administration

photo of Daniel Malmberg

Daniel Malmberg

Director of Accounting

Tom Siffermann

Thomas Siffermann

Director of Capital Asset Management

Isaac Strain

Isaac Strain

Director of Facility Management

photo of Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor

Director of Portfolio Management

photo of Andrew Hasbrook

Andrew Hasbrook

Senior Leasing Representative

photo of Tim Lee

Tim Lee

Leasing Representative

photo of Joshua Line

Josh Line

Senior Property Manager

Hillery Platt

Hillery Platt

Senior Property Manager

Rianna Klingler

Rianna Klingler

Property Manager

photo of Laurie Pearson

Laurie Pearson

Assistant Property Manager

photo of Lloyd Otani

Lloyd Otani

Director Special Projects